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Hello! My name is Rachel Hershberger, and I’m a commercial photographer specializing in lifestyle, travel and portrait photography.

I create bright, colorful and eye-catching photos for websites, publications, banners, brochures, social media and more. I thrive when I am able to collaborate with others and turn their creative vision into a reality.

I grew up in Wisconsin and after graduating from the University of Wisconsin Madison, I spent many years traveling the state taking photos of all things Wisconsin. From people and events to natural wonders and iconic foods, these experiences got me hooked on commercial photography and taught me to expect the unexpected. Rolling with the punches is a key to this profession as you never know what situation you might be walking into! I am incredibly thankful for these experiences and I look forward to many more.

Do you have a need for photography services or a creative vision you want to turn into a reality? I’d love to connect. Let’s talk!

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